TONIGHT on Twitch: Crypt of The Devil Lich DCC Designer’s Show!

TONIGHT at 8 PM EST join Goodman Games and Twenty Sides to Every Story to explore the DCC conversion of a classic killer dungeon….

With Crypt of the Devil Lich less than a week away from the conclusion of a massively successful kickstarter campaign, join Alex Kurowski as he interviews Bob Brinkman, the lead Dungeon Crawl Classics designer on this project to discuss the challenges of converting Crypt of the Devil Lich into DCC RPG.

Also making an appearance will be some of the original 3.5 edition playtesters along with their old DM, Joseph Goodman. Yeah, that guy, and his old Atlanta gaming group from long before the era of DCC RPG!

Crypt of the Devil Lich is currently in its final week of a successful campaign on Kickstarter, and has a slew of great stretch goals that have been added on to expand the scope of the project.

So join us on the Official Goodman Games Twitch Channel TONIGHT, Saturday, March 20th at 8:00 pm EST to help explore the Crypt of the Devil Lich! Don’t miss it!

Author: billward

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