Premiering Tonight on Twitch: Blades Against Bandwidth: Lankhmar!

Dare you venture into a roguesome city without equal in all the realms of Erewhon? The Blades are Back! Season two begins tonight with new characters, new guests, and a brand new playground: Lankhmar!

TODAY at 5:00 PM EST on Twitch join Judge Brendan and the Blades Against Bandwidth crew pit their wits against the City of Sevenscore Thousand and One Smokes. This is “episode zero,” where we will catch up with the gang, discuss the new characters, and chat with a special guest who might just be able to shed some light on the workings of the City of the Black Toga.

If you wanted to jump on and try the show for the first time this week is the perfect starting point!

TODAY at 5:00 PM EST, don’t miss it!

Author: billward

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