Crypt of Devil Lich Designer’s Discussion is This Sunday on Twitch!

Goodman Games teams up with Twenty Sides to Every Story to explore a killer dungeon….

Join Alex Kurowski as he interviews the creative team of Tim Wadzinski and Chris Doyle on the challenges of converting Crypt of the Devil Lich into a new 5E module. They will be focusing on the challenges faced with converting spells and magic items not included in 5E. And you never know, there might be some new visuals to accompany what they talk about.

And this is just about the coversion of the module to 5E. Maybe we’ll also be able to talk about the conversion to DCC RPG soon. Only time and Chalychia herself know for certain….

So join us on the Official Goodman Games Twitch Channel this Sunday night at 8:00 pm EST to help explore the Crypt of the Devil Lich!

Author: pandabrett

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