This Week on Twitch – March 1-7

We hope that you enjoyed Spawn Of Cyclops Con, but the fun is far from over. We start a new month with the long-awaited return of Blades Against Bandwidth!

After a packed weekend of fun, the first week of March keeps the momentum going with a full week of shows, including the return of Blades Against Bandwidth and a special show about Crypt of the Devil Lich, along with some regular faves.

And don’t forget you can catch up on all our shows over on the Goodman Games YouTube channel as well!

Let’s check out the full schedule of all our Twitch shows for this week!

Schedule for the week of March 1

3:00 pm EST, Thursday, March 4

1000 Insane Worlds

Host and Guests: Brendan LaSalle and Friends

This week on 1,000 Insane Worlds we visit the Grand Manse, a castle so big that none may see all of it in a single lifetime. Here our players—three idlers whose primary virtue is the love of a good friend—must act to save that friend from first himself, and then the torments of Unrequetted Love.

Yep, it’s going to get weird up in the Game Therapy office and you don’t want to miss it!

Tune in Thursday at 3:00 pm EST to be a part of the adventure! 

9:00 pm EST, Thursday, February 18

The Swashbucklers

Host: 2OG Games and the Lich

The survivors of the shipwreck Stercorarius have found themselves an opportunity to escape the island by joining the crew of Captain Guido, the not-so-much human any longer pirate captain, on his ship with an alien ship inside it, that floats through the water like a ghost ship. The pirate life begins!

The Swashbucklers is a DCC campaign at sea with original stories from 2 Old Guy Games and the gonzo production qualities from the Liching Hour.  A weird and wild shanty that only Dungeon Crawl Classics can tell.

10:00 pm EST, Saturday, March 6

Danger Strangers!

Host and Guests: The Defenders of Kobold

This time out, The Defenders of Kobold are playing through the DCC Empire of the East funnel, The Demon Key.

Defenders of Kobold present Danger Stranger! A live play-through show airing every-other Saturday at 10:00 pm EST.

Hop in the van adventurer! IF YOU DARE!

3:00 pm EST, Sunday, March 7

Blades Against Bandwidth

Host and Guests: Judge Brendan and cohorts

The Blades are Back! Season two begins with new characters, new guests, and a brand new playground: Lankhmar!

Judge Brendan and the Blades Against Bandwidth crew pit their wits against the City of Sevenscore Thousand and One Smokes. This is “episode zero,” where we will catch up with the gang, discuss the new characters, and chat with a special guest who might just be able to shed some light on the workings of the City of the Black Toga.

If you wanted to jump on and try the show for the first time this week is the perfect starting point!

8:00 pm EST, Sunday, March 7

Crypt of the Devil Lich Designer’s Discussion

Host and Guests: Alex Kurowski, Tim Wadzinski, and Chris Doyle

Join Alex Kurowski as he interviews the creative team of Tim Wadzinski and Chris Doyle on the challenges of converting this beloved tournament adventure into a new 5E module.

And you never know, some special guests might pop in to provide some more information. Only time and Chalychia herself know for certain….

Be sure to check out all of those great events! And don’t forget to visit all of our recent streams on the Official Goodman Games Twitch Channel!

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