Spawn of Cyclops Con Is a Wrap!

You people are the BEST!

Spawn of Cyclops Con has come and gone, and thanks to all of you who had a hand in it, it was an amazing success. From the Opening Ceremonies, through the discovery of our Dealer’s Hall and Artist’s Alley, to the tournaments, the pick-up games, the daily seminars, and all the way up to the Closing Ceremonies, you drove the con and made it a fun experience for all.

One of the big hits of the show was our virtual Dealer’s Hall. The con provided an opportunity to wander about as an avatar of yourself and speak not only with the folks manning the booths but also with other fans! As Judge James phrased it on Twitter, “Seriously people, @GoodmanGames has completely changed the game when it comes to online #TTRPG conventions. Being able to walk around with an avatar, talk to friends you haven’t seen just by approaching them, and engaging with vendors directly… there’s nothing else like this.”

We are proud to have shared this technology and hope that it helped make your con experience a little more “real” in these difficult times. Maybe wandering around and discovering things brought a smile to your face, and that’s all we could ask.

Oh, and for those who did do a lot of wandering, we had a PAIR of secret doors in the Dealer’s Hall. Were you able to find them both? If you did, we hope you ordered your bragging rights stickers!

We also want to extend a special thanks to all those folks who participated in our Auction to benefit The Franklin Food Bank. All of your contributions were fantastic. Thank you so much.

In fact, there’s just so much to thank you for and to mention that we’ll just sum it all up with a big…


We hope to build on this experience and make our next show better than ever. And with fans like you guys, we know that will happen.

Now, let’s look at some screen caps people have shared from the con.

Author: pandabrett

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