The Tome of Debasement: Support this Zinequest DCC Kickstarter!

Behold the Inglorious Bottom Feeder, the Lord of Twisted Faces, the Sovereign of the Forgotten, Herlezzect the Debased God!

The Tome of Debasement from Nick Baran is a DCC RPG compatible zine detailing the followers of Herlezzect, the Debased God. It follows the same format as supplementary material found in the DCC Annual Vol. 1. The zine covers the unique traits, disapproval results, and canticles for evil cultists who pledge themselves to the debased one. The bulk of the zine is taken up by a collection of spells geared for use by the evil clerics in your games, with evocative titles like: Deceiving Visage, Putrescent Bog, Rotting Stench, Halo of Flies, Lash, Twisted Form, Radiant Corruption, and Uncontrollable Urge.  You’re probably thinking those would make a great track listing for a metal album, and you’d probably be right.

This gaming zine is designed to make your evil priests on your tabletop more sinister and terrifying to face, channeling otherworldly horror and cinematic imagery.

The goal of this Kickstarter is to raise the funds to print 100 copies of this 36 page zine. Additional money will fund additional copies, stickers, and art for future projects. But pledging more opens up our great combo deals, giving you a chance to grab our other ‘zines that take a grimdark, horror-tinged approach to DCC RPG.

The Tome of Debasement has already met its goal, and now is a great chance to get it along with these other ‘zines from Nick Baran!

Combo 1 – Tome and Terror:

The Tome of Debasement and Wide-eyed Terror Zines

Did you miss out on the Wide-eyed Terror zine Kickstarter earlier this month? Here’s another chance to get in on the 1st printing. At this Backer Level you will receive print and PDF copies of both The Tome of Debasement and Wide-eyed Terror zines.

Combo 2 – Tome, Terror, and Rabid Dogs: 

The Tome of Debasement, Wide-eyed Terror, and Rabid Dogs Zines

We get it, you love zines as much as we do. At this Backer Level you want to add a copy of the 2nd printing of Rabid Dogs Zine, our RPG zine debut from last year. This new 2nd printing fixes some typos, upgrades the only encounter map, and adds 4 more pages of content in the form of the Icon Bearer character class. All told, you will receive all 3 of our zines: The Tome of Debasement, Wide-eyed Terror, and Rabid Dogs zines in print and PDF formats.

Combo 3 – Full Corruption: 

The Tome of Debasement, Wide-eyed Terror, Rabid Dogs zines, and The Precipice of Corruption Adventure Module.

Are you a completist? Do you want to use the classes in Rabid Dogs Zine, while driving off the horrors from Wide-eyed Terror? Do you want the evil priest in The Precipice of Corruption to have tailor made spells from The Tome of Debasement? You will want all of this content in one shot. You will receive all 4 of our DCC RPG compatible releases: The Tome of Debasement, Wide-eyed Terror, and Rabid Dogs zines, along with our first adventure module, The Precipice of Corruption in print and PDF formats.

Get more details on the campaign over at their Kickstarter page!

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