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We who are about to die, salute you!

Tournament of Pigs is a Zero-Level adventure module where the players assume the roles of a group of commoners that have been selected for a competition with mysterious goals and horrendous survivability. The challenges won’t just test the player’s luck with the dice, but also their ability to think quickly, solve puzzles, and employ cunning tactics. The competition includes a medieval cooking show, relay races against oozes, pig wrestling, and a lot more that we wouldn’t want to spoil! 

Will you choose to go it alone, or form an alliance with the other competitors? Whatever you choose, only one player will be declared winner of the Tournament of Pigs!

Art by Chris Arneson

The life-expectancy of a commoner thrust into deadly adventures is short, so players pre-generate enough characters to get them through the session. In Tournament of Pigs, if a commoner dies, the player introduces a replacement at the beginning of the next event. The King’s mad mage, Falazar, has spent all year preparing the events to be featured in the Tournament. The challenges vary from baleful bloodsport, to cooking competitions, to risky riddles, to pernicious puzzles. 

Unlike most adventure modules, Tournament of Pigs is not fully cooperative. Players will be competing to score the most points by the end of the session, to be declared the winner.  How competitive, or cooperative the players want to be is entirely up to them (and the GM.) 

The adventure consist of a series of contests where players are challenged to discover a secret “Silver Prize” which unlocks access to the famed Silver Cart, and scores a player one point.  Players must be careful though, if their hapless commoner falls victim to a deadly trap, they will lose a point.  At the end of the tournament, the player with the most points is declared the victor!

Art by Ian Baggley

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