The Auction is Tomorrow Night!

We’ve got an amazing event happening tomorrow night for charity, and you can make it happen! It’s the Spawn of Cyclops Con Auction!

Our auction will be live-streamed on the Goodman Games Twitch channel on Friday, February 26th starting at 9:00 PM EST — and continuing until everything has been auctioned off. A portion of the proceeds of all auction funds will go to benefit our Con’s charity partner, the Franklin Food Bank.

We’ve already featured some of the great items for the auction in a previous post, but here’s another handful of fantastic items that will be open for bid tomorrow night!

From the personal collection of Joseph Goodman:

DCC RPG core rulebook, 4th printing, printer dummy, real leather edition

“During the printing process, the printer will construct a physical mockup of the book and ship it to me. I call this the printer dummy. For large hardbacks, it’s essentially a book of blank white pages. This one has the real leather cover, which (in the final version) was printed with a silver foil rendition of the seven-pointed star of Sezrekan. Technically the cover is Cabra leather (for those who care). This version also has thumb tabs. This version does not have the blank white adventure module proofs.”

From the personal collection of Dieter Zimmerman:

DCC tournament medallions

“Three leftover/unclaimed medals from a few tournaments! Includes Warlords, and a DCC one that looks very similar, so maybe it’s a Wampler special, too? I dunno. (Yeah, if they have the same slim ribbon + gray casting, they are Wampler’s work.) Okay, then, only one of them is an ACTUAL tournament medallion then.”

From the personal collection of Keith LaBaw:

Metamorphosis Alpha arm bands (includes super-rare Commander!)

“Includes gold (PRO), Black (MIL), purple (ADM), light blue (SCI), and the super-rare blue&red (COM). The last one alone is worth $50 or more if you’re a collector of these things!”

From the personal collection of Stefan Poag:

Original art acrylic and ink painting

“Acrylic and ink painting for Goodman Games used on cover of Reliquary of the Ancients. Approximately 24 inches by 18 inches, watercolor paper backed with foam core wrapped in plastic.”

From the personal collection of Michael Curtis:

Thieves’ World Boxed Set

“Originally published by Chaosium, this complete boxed set is one of the earliest examples of licensed fantasy in RPG. Detailing the city of Sanctuary as presented in the Thieves’ World series of book, this hard-to-find boxed set contains booklets, maps, and game stats in multiple RPG systems (including AD&D and Traveller of all things) and serves as the perfect companion piece to any gritty fantasy city setting such as Lankhmar.”

See you all Friday, February 26th at 9:00 PM EST on the Goodman Games Twitch channel for the Spawn of Cyclops Con Auction!

Author: jmcdevitt

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