Check Out the Ongoing Zinequest DCC Kickstarters!

Kickstarter’s Zinequest continues to expand like a runaway supernova! DCC fans have come out in droves to support four successfully finished campaigns so far, but there are still seven ongoing kickstarters for DCC and MCC ‘zines we just can’t wait to tell you about.

For the third year running Kickstarter’s Zinequest is showcasing independent voices in the RPG scene, celebrating unique, quirky, and off-the-beaten track indy developers and authors. Currently, there are seven active Dungeon Crawl Classics related ‘zines on Kickstarter, nearly all of which have been fully-funded!

Which is why we’ve put together this helpful DCC Zinequest Kickstarter page that will highlight all of the terrific offerings as they are launched, as well as track their progress over the course of their campaigns. All of these are run by third party publishers with a great track record and really innovative products, many of whom will no doubt already be familiar to our regular readers.

Currently we’ve got some great 80s nostalgia ‘zines. One is a slasher film homage Blackout in Crater Valley. The other is Ninja City, which let’s you go totally shinobi in a city overrun by crime. And speaking of (Teenage Mutant) Ninjas, Bronx Beasts celebrates classic anthropomorphic mutant big city brawlers. Add a little time travel to your weird horror with The Inn in the Forest, or maybe just grab a pitchfork and head into the very deadly zero level funnel Farmyard Fatalities. Or maybe you’d like to try your luck with some divine favor in issue five of Meanderings. And for the mutants among us: add a crazy grab bag of artifacts to your campaign in Merchants of the Multiverse.

So, if you’re a DCC or MCC fan, this is a great time to pledge, but be sure to check back here during Kickstarter ongoing Zinequest campaign because you never know what might be around the corner.

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