Map of the Dealers Hall at Spawn of Cyclops Con

BEHOLD! The Citadel of the Cyclops is revealed!

At Spawn of Cyclops Con we are introducing an actual Dealer’s Hall to the online convention. One where you can meet with vendors and artists, chat with them in real time, and see their wares. And we aren’t talking about just scheduling time on Zoom or something, either….

We still won’t explain exactly how this works. Con attendees will find out on the eve of the show, so make sure you are watching Twitch next Friday during the show to see us demonstrate this experience live in the opening ceremonies!

Trust us when we say you have never seen anything like it at any online con. For today, just feast your eyes on this amazing map of the Spawn of Cyclops Con dealers hall—The Citadel of the Cyclops.

Click for a larger view

There will be 18 dealers where you can purchase DCC products, plus 7 artist booths where you can meet the artists who have worked on Goodman Games products, plus an arcade and more! There’s even a VIP gaming lounge for Road Crew—more to come on that soon!

Author: pandabrett

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