Featured Events at Spawn of Cyclops Con: Players Wanted!

We’re only one week out from Spawn of Cyclops Con! Next weekend you’ll be able to enjoy gaming and fun for three days while experiencing some next-level online convention experiences.

If you are still looking for some games to attend, it’s not too late to become part of some amazing events during the con. Here is just a sampling of events you can currently buy tickets to attend!

Open Events

Event #84 – Pit of Annihilation (D&D 5E)

Do you have what it takes? Level 15 (pre-gen) characters vs. NEW Goodman Games BBEGs. Battle Royale through difficult (and different!) terrains to fight the biggest and baddest from Goodman Games!

Event # 285 – House of the Petrified Frog (DCC RPG)

This playtest of the upcoming module sees your characters hired to pilfer the Mask of the Red Caecilians–and ancient relic rumored to be hidden in the House of the Petrified Frog–a hidden domicile for those who worship Bobugbubilz in all his evil amphibian forms!

Event #300 – Death Rides the Swiftest Camel (DCC RPG)

Riding out from Ft. Lowell near Tucson, your posse seeks to uncover the source of pestilence, drought, and seemingly, meaningless slaughter in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. A Weird Frontiers adventure, level 2

Event #6 – The Eternal City (Xcrawl Classics)

For centuries, gladiatorial combat has thrilled viewers around the globe. Much has changed in later times, but in some places, a sense of tradition in this sport remains strong. One such place is the city where it all began – the Eternal City – Rome.

Event #275 – Death Among the Pines (DCC RPG)

Return to the Shudder Mountains. An adventure for 4-6 3rd level characters. Pregen characters will be used.

Event #161 – Mirrored Shades (D&D 5E)

2099. The world is on the brink of collapse. Again. International conglomerates control everything and everyone. Humankind has colonized several places in the solar system but has not developed FTL travel. Few escape corporate slavery – the ones that do live life on the EDGE. Stay frosty, Chummer.

Find all of these events and more on ourĀ Spawn of Cyclops Con schedule page!

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