The Inn in the Forest: Support this Zinequest DCC Kickstarter!

It’s time to visit the Inn. In fact, it’s several different times…

From the mind of Daniel J. Bishop comes The Inn in the Forest, the new long-format, time-traveling horror adventure for DCC RPG. As a part of ZineQuest 3, this new adventure is inspired by everything from The Brothers Grimm to Robert E. Howard.

And this release also supports virtual table top play, with maps, tokens, handouts, and more!

Here’s some details from the Kickstarter page:

You spy a semi-ruined inn on the road ahead, promising shelter from the dark woods that close in around you. But the inn is not deserted. Haunted by phantoms of the past, creatures of the present, and a malignant entity with dark designs for the future, you slip between all three timelines. As these timelines merge and horrors from the past slip into the present, you find yourself confronted by a dark and wild future that you may not be able to avoid. Worse, a future you may have helped to create!

Content includes:

  • “The Inn in the Forest” long-form adventure for levels 1-2: a completely revised, multi-session horror adventure written by Daniel J. Bishop where the PCs retreat to the inn only to face new dangers in the here and now, the past, and a potential future where the inn’s malignant forces have already spread throughout the Forest…and beyond!
  • Two adventures in one! Guidance on using the inn in its heyday for a Sweeney Todd-like challenge (or even removing the horrors for use as a great launching point for, or rest stop between, other adventures in a persistent campaign).
  • The Forest: the story and motivations of a Bavarian forest fighting back against the onslaught of human “progress.”
  • Waldgeist as Patron: the spirit of the forest, worshiped in ancient times, that hates humanity and seeks to overthrow civilization, with the ability to grant immortality upon its worshipers. Complete with invoke patron results, spellburn, patron taint, and spells.
  • Wilderness Encounters: tables on day and night encounters for Bavarian forests.
  • Phantom Shifts: new rules on being ripped from your current timeline to the past, future, or even parallel worlds.
  • New Rituals: bring The Forest to life in your own campaign with Will of the Forest and Waldgeist’s Wail.
  • New Monsters: new versions of the Erddämonen, Ebersache, Sau, and Schallgeber, as well as other monsters and creatures from all three timelines.
  • New Items: corpse candles, strange milks, and other new items can be found in and around the Inn.
  • New Artifacts: Waldgeist’s Tainted Root and the Lost Runestaff of Zauberer the Hexmaster.

Get more details on the campaign over at their Kickstarter page!

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