Farmyard Fatalities: Support this Zinequest DCC Kickstarter!

Farm livin’ is the life for me. Land spreadin’ out so far and wide. Keep those characters coming, because this is a funnel, folks.

Depths Unknown Publishing brings you Farmyard Fatalities, a new zero-level funnel set on the most dangerous location known: a farm. Hey, those things have big animals and pointy tools! Plus, some strange lights have been seen over the fields, not to mention all that screaming….

Here’s some details from the Kickstarter page:

The players guide their peasants turned would-be heroes in their investigation of the strange happenings on a nearby farm and come into their destiny as the hardened adventurers they are to become…or perish horribly in the attempt!

Here’s the plan for the guts of this thing:

  • The text itself takes up around fifteen pages in the prescribed “zine” format of 5.5”x8.5” not including any maps or illustrations. For fun we are planning on including some designer notes and any funny bits that cropped up during the playtesting if it seems like it would be an aid to helping Judges run the adventure so the page count will be going up.
  • There are five unique adversary types with stats and descriptions included in the text.  The plan is to have illustrations to accompany each entry.
  • A new patron to make a bond with…for better or worse.
  • Five keyed maps will be included in the physical product as well as five un-keyed player-facing maps included in the PDF version (only) for Judges to print out and use at the table.

Get more details on the campaign over at their Kickstarter page!

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Author: pandabrett

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