Coming Soon: Kickstarter for Crypt of the Devil Lich

An ancient prophecy sends your heroes into the crypt of the Devil Lich. They must destroy her before she can return to power. Once inside, your heroes face horrors that could only be dreamt of by a mad half-drow half-fiend lich!

It’s coming soon! The Crypt of the Devil Lich Kickstarter will be launching before you know it, supporting the adventure for both Dungeons and Dragons 5E and Dungeon Crawl Classics format.

We’ve got a ton of exciting things planned for this Kickstarter, and if you want to keep yourself in the loop—including being notified as soon as the campaign goes live—follow it now! The toughest dungeon crawl since Tomb of Horrors returns for 5E & DCC RPG! The pre-launch page is live!

Author: pandabrett

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