Happy Valentine’s Day from Goodman Games!

From all of us at Goodman Games, we hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Want to get that special someone in your life something that will last long after the chocolate is gone and the flowers have wilted? We’re currently running a 10% off all zines in our online store to celebrate Kickstarter’s Zinequest. Or perhaps a nice Dungeon Crawl Classics module or even a Mutant Crawl Classics module? For the truly old school, no doubt any of the Original Adventures Reincarnated books would be the perfect match. And if you have the kind of partner that loves a little roguish behavior, might we suggest DCC Lankhmar?

No matter what you put in that heart-shaped box, here’s wishing you all a great day. We hope you get to share it with someone you love.

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