Last Chance for Several Zinequest DCC Kickstarters

We’ve got a trio of the DCC ZineQuest 3 Kickstarters that are coming to a close very soon! This is your last chance to back these fantastic zines and get some amazing material for use in your campaign.

Let’s take a quick look!

Terror of the Stratosfiend #3

Portals and warp gates have been opening all over the earth, giant aliens have been pouring out, and Bat Gods are rampaging. Players will quickly find out that some of their own have been aliens the whole time, and that humans from distant stars have also shown up to help quell the madness. The works as an add-on to any DCC RPG session the Judge and players would be running; adding a splash of tentacles. It’s also being built to be a standalone setting where tentacles and sorcery would be the focus.

Wide-Eyed Terror

Wide-eyed Terror is a compact DCC RPG-compatible roadside encounter for 12-16 0-level characters or 5-6 level-1 characters. It details 13 individual areas, but plays as a tense, fast-paced encounter with multiple moving parts as the party inevitably splits up. It will take 1.5-2 hours for your players to complete. 

Zine 3-Pack

It’s three great zines all in one Kickstarter! You can choose to support one, two, or all three as a part of the campaign. The three zines involved are Unveiled Elisions, Scions of the Computarchs, and 25 Ghosts, Spirits, and Hauntings. Be sure to go read about each one and support this great Kickstarter.

This is the final weekend for all three of these great zines! So be sure to show them some love while you can. And don’t forget the full lineup of DCC ZineQuest 3 Kickstarters that we’re sharing over at their own page!

Author: pandabrett

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