Bronx Beasts – Year of the Beast: Support this Zinequest DCC Kickstarter!

You’re going to have a beastly good time!

Bronx Beasts is back with a reprint of the first issue and four new volumes to expand and provide you the most beast for your buck! The brainchild of Dan Steeby, Bronx Beasts plays on concepts like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other anthropomorphic adventure series to create an basis for you tun them using DCC RPG.

Taking advantage of the ZineQuest 3 promotion on Kickstarter, Bronx Beasts expands the original concepts and brings you multiple adventures and all-new artwork.

Here’s some details from the Kickstarter page:

Bronx Beasts Volumes 2 – 5┬ácomprise a four-part campaign built around an 1980’s-era story chock full of mutated animals, ninjas, leg warmers, glowing goo, bare-chested commandos, and every other ’80’s trope I could think to include. The adventures follow a group of Beasts from 1st through 4th level as they uncover the mystery of their own origins as well as take on the shadowy organizations responsible for a deadly new drug that is flooding the streets of the Big Apple. The campaign takes up 4 separate zine volumes, split up into individual adventures in a “point crawl” style campaign across, below, and above the City that Never Sleeps. Additional setting material, random encounters, and villainous personalities are included to encourage exciting adventures and story development between the campaign’s main plot points.

Get more details on all five volumes over at their Kickstarter campaign! Let your wild side take over! Go and join up with Bronx Beasts today!

Be sure to check out the DCC ZineQuest3 Kickstarters page to see all of the DCC/MCC campaigns for this year’s ZineQuest.

Author: pandabrett

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