New in the Online Store: Thick DCC Judge’s Screen and Yearbook #8

It’s time to finally say goodbye to The Year That Shall Not Be Named, and we will do this by celebrating the positives that came from that dreadful 365 days. The Goodman Games Yearbook #8 is now for sale in our online store, in both print + PDF and PDF-only formats.

And, the new, very sturdy and very cool, DCC RPG Thick Cardstock Judge’s Screen is also now available!

Both are now shipping from our warehouse.

Let’s take a closer look.

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Thick Cardstock Judges Screen

Heavy-duty screen for DCC RPG!

This is a very thick, durable cardboard version of our classic screen. In technical terms the screen is printed on 2mm thick boards, meaning when all three panels are laid upon each other whole screen is more than 6mm thick.

You really have to hold it to appreciate it. This is a durable screen!

Goodman Games Yearbook #8: The Year That Shall Not Be Named

The annual Goodman Games community-building sourcebook is back—but let’s not talk about the year!

The year that shall not be named: it was the year we all learned to game online, and we shall celebrate it for that.

In the latest annual community yearbook from Goodman Games, the company celebrates what made this year special. Online connections brought regular gaming back to our lives, and the convention season took on a whole new look.

As always, this volume contains a wealth of new DCC RPG content, including new monster fumble tables and new mighty deed rules. There is an interview with TSR legend Russ Nicholson, a new mini-adventure, and pictures and photographs from this year – the year we want to forget but can’t help remembering.

At least we can remember the good times, including Cyclops Con, DCC Day, Bride of Cyclops Con, and all the great online games.

Author: pandabrett

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