Blackout in Crater Valley: Support this Zinequest DCC Kickstarter!

You aren’t heroes.

You are a group of small town high school misfits, lifelong friends from the town of Crater Valley. You’ve spent your whole life chafing at the shackles of this town and you can’t wait to get out. 

Welcome to the world of Blackout in Crater Valley, the new adventure for DCC RPG. The creator known only as ZOG has crafted an homage to classic 80’s slasher films into an adventure meant for Dungeon Crawl Classics, and you can now back it on Kickstarter!

Here’s some more info direct from their Kickstarter:

Blackout in Crater Valley is a ‘0 level funnel’ which means players will create between 2 and 4 low level characters and try to survive the perils that await them as they attempt to rescue their friend Julie. As they unlock the mysteries of Crater Valley they will encounter opportunities to advance in power significantly, however they will soon learn that great power often comes at a price…

This adventure has been designed to feel consistent with horror films of the 1980’s such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Return of the Living Dead, Sleep Away Camp, Pumpkinhead, and classic VHS era adventures like The Goonies and Back to the Future. Character creation also plays heavily on tropes common in these and other teen drama films of the era such as “Jock”, “Cheerleader”, “Goth”, “Young Republican” and “Juvenile Delinquent”. Players will roll archetypes like these from a unique d50 table of possible occupations and throw their teenage misfits against the dangers that await them. Once they’ve selected their archetype players will roll on an entanglement chart to help build party cohesion and create threads for a game master to build upon. This game is designed to be played out over one or two sessions, but can easily be expanded for campaign play.

A part of the ZineQuest 3 promotion, Blackout in Crater Valley is an adventure unlike any other for DCC RPG. And it’s so 80’s that there is even a stretch goal where you can get a cassette tape out of the campaign…

You can check out all of the DCC RPG ZineQuest 3 campaigns over on the ZineQuest DCC Kickstarter page!

And be sure to go support Blackout in Crater Valley right now! Some teenage lives may depend on it.

Author: pandabrett

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