Announcing Fifth Edition Fantasy #18: Horror in Blackwood Forest

We’ve got a new mid-level adventure to help spice up your D&D 5E game. Fifth Edition Fantasy #18: Horror in Blackwood Forest is the latest addition to the line of stand-alone adventures for the world’s first fantasy role-playing game.

Written by Jason Vey, this adventure pits your PCs against a force that threatens not just your world, but your entire plane of existence. Let’s look at the details:


Situated on the shores of a major trade route is the town of Gullhem, a bastion of law and order in an all-too-often lawless world. Beyond the borders of this walled port town is the vast Blackwood Forest.

After a barroom brawl, our heroes are tasked by the Baron of Gullhem to rescue his son, Viktor, who was mysteriously kidnapped from his room overnight, with no sign of intrusion save a mystical pointer directed at the forest.

Now, the heroes find themselves facing the machinations of an evil necromancer, his legions of the undead and fanatical cultists, and a plot to overtake the entire city and spread the influence of the Negative Energy Plane across the entire world…

Fifth Edition Fantasy #18: Horror in Blackwood Forest is scheduled to be released in May. Keep watching for more details! And be sure to check out the rest of the Fifth Edition Fantasy line today!

Author: pandabrett

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