Now in the Online Store: Self-Inking RPG Stamps!

What better way to document the death—or possibly survival—of a PC than with a rubber stamp? That firm action leaves behind a permanent mark on the character sheet or journal, and also carries that distinct sound of accomplishment.

The folks at Weird Works have a series of self-inking stamps that are perfect for use with any Goodman Games RPG—whether it’s Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, Xcrawl, DCC Lankhmar, or anything else. And not only do we have a restock on these stamps, but we’ve also got a brand-new stamp in our online store as of today!

RPG Stamp: Official You Have Survived

This self-inking stamp is the perfect accessory for kind-hearted, gentle judges.

This self-inking R.I.P. stamp can be used to mark player victories in DCC, MCC, and Xcrawl games. Space is provided to allow players to fill in the trials they have faced.

This stamp is a gel style stamp pre-inked with black ink. It measures approximately 2.5″ square (inked imprint size is slightly smaller).

So head on over to our online store and check out the entire line of self-inking stamps from Weird Works.

Author: pandabrett

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