Pre-Order The German Edition of Peril on the Purple Planet!

A while back we announced that System Matters Verlag had translated Dungeon Crawl Classics into German. We’ve even given you links to purchase a copy of your own directly from their website.

But System Matters Verlag wasn’t done with just that release. This time they’ve taken on the task of translating the boxed adventure Peril on the Purple Planet into German as well.

In Peril on the Purple Planet, the characters are cast across the cosmos to a foreign world. Left to die beneath a weirdling sun and its sickening rays, the PCs’ survival depends as much upon their quick wit as a quick blade, as even the finest chain hauberk must fail beneath the crush of an alien horde.

If you are a completist looking to fill out your collection, you will not want to miss out on securing your copy as a pre-order. So head on over to their website a pre-order a copy right now! The German edition of Peril on the Purple Planet is currently set to ship in March 2021.

If you want to learn more (and speak German…), be sure to check out the video posted below that they made to promote the release!

Author: jmcdevitt

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