The Monster Alphabet is Now Available on Fantasy Grounds!

Something monstrous has arrived on Fantasy Grounds—and we’re responsible!

Our hit book, The Monster Alphabet, has been converted for use with the Fantasy Grounds engine and is now available. Whether you use the Fantasy Grounds site or go through Steam to use all their tools, you can add The Monster Alphabet to your collections today.

What foul beasts slosh and gibber in the furthest reaches of your skull? Unleash your demons with The Monster Alphabet, a compilation of monster design elements keyed to letters of the alphabet.

A is for Android, B is for Breath Weapon, C is for Crossbreed! Game masters of any rule system will find inspiration for creating strange, new abominations: random tables of traits, powers, and lore; awe-inspiring illustrations by your favorite fantasy artists old and new; and rolling handfuls of dice directly on monster generation diagrams.

The entries are accompanied by fantastic art from classic fantasy illustrators and are compatible with all fantasy role-playing games.

Featuring a foreword by noted designer Frank Mentzer!

So add The Monster Alphabet to your Fantasy Grounds toolset. It’s available right now!

Author: jmcdevitt

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