Sip From the Skull’s Cup If You Dare! Six Mighty Tales Await!

Six Mighty Tales Await!

Now that the minions responsible for the delay in Tales From the Magician’s Skull issue 5 have been banished to an asparagus-scented pocket dimension as a mild corrective, we at the Skull would like you to know that the latest issue will soon be available here at Goodman Games, as well as in select thaumaturgical floating bazaars near you.

But why not hone your expectations and sharpen your appetite with these story and illustration samples in the meantime? We’ve got plenty of returning adventures and familiar faces—among them James Enge’s Crooked Man, Morlock the Maker, Adrian Cole’s continuing adventures of Kuttner’s classic Elak of Atlantis, and C.L. Werner’s lone samurai hero, Shintaro Oba. Explore forbidden places with John C. Hocking, do a little gate-crashing with Adrian Simmons, or dare the Road of Bones with Violette Malan. And all of our great tale-spinners are backed-up by sensational artists—each of our samples includes their full-page interior art to more properly set the tone.

There is roguery and dread sorcery here, blade-to-blade struggle and soul-destroying horror. Surely, mortals, these are the adventures you’ve been waiting for!

Author: jmcdevitt

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