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Welcome to December! The year has entered its final month, and we’re ready to send off The Year That Shall Not Be Named with the best fun possible. And that means Judge Brendan and 1000 Insane Worlds!

Today, Judge Brendan will run part four in his Black Sabbath Quad-rilogy, Planet Caravan. The players take on the roles of vat-grown clones created by a robot to help them fight off dimensional buccaneers that show up to steal a fragment of a planet. So…typical adventure.

You can sign up below for a chance to be one of four randomly-chosen players to jump in with Judge Brendan for next week’s session of online gaming mayhem. What will Judge Brendan offer? You can bet it will be a unique experience.

And even if you aren’t one of the chosen four, you can watch the adventure over on the Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel! The fun continues next week, Thursday, December 3rd at 3:00 pm EST.

And be sure to check out the archive of earlier episodes on our YouTube channel!

“Let fun at the table be the highest law!” ~Judge Brendan 

Author: pandabrett

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