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The night is always something that brings out the mysterious. The shadows and change in sound make it the perfect setting for a strange, spooky story—or third-party DCC RPG adventure!

A Conspiracy of Ravens is the new Kickstarter from creator Matt Robertson creating an adventure that is equally served as a 0-level funnel or 1st level adventure.

Here’s what they have to say about the module:

A Conspiracy of Ravens is a horror-themed adventure module that can be played as a 0-level funnel or as a 1st level adventure that uses Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. A “funnel” is a game in which players will play 2 to 4 everyday townsfolk who begin at 0-level with no special abilities or skills. Players use cunning, tactical retreat, and brute force through strength of numbers to overcome perilous situations and bloodthirsty monsters to save the day. The very few, lucky peasants who survive become emboldened with new abilities as 1st level characters and embark on glorious, treasure-filled quests with a newfound spirit of adventure.

The “funnel” game is synonymous with Dungeon Crawl Classics tabletop gaming. It is an excellent way to introduce completely new players to role-playing and a very fun way to keep veteran players on their toes. A Conspiracy of Ravens takes classic aspects of horror that you love and reimagines them in a frightening new light… or darkness.

  • Lost children in need of being saved… or are they?
  • A suspicious old lady… she could be a benefit or curse to the party.
  • Man’s best friend… think Cujo but much, much more gruesome.
  • Possession… who doesn’t love someone who can spin their head 360°
  • A sacrificial finale that puts the Salem witch trials to shame… and much more!

To find out more, head on over to their Kickstarter page. And while you’re there, go ahead and pledge some support! And let’s see if we can’t get them to some of their stretch goals!

Author: pandabrett

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