This Week on Twitch – November 30 – December 6

Welcome to December! We’ve got a whole month of gaming left to finish off The Year That Shall Not Be Named, and we’re kicking it off with some great fun.

Not only do we have our regular schedule for the week, but Appendix N Cinema returns with an all-new episode that is taking you straight to Frog Town! …no, seriously, that’s where it’s going.

And don’t forget you can catch up on all our shows over on the Goodman Games YouTube channel as well!

Check out the full schedule of all our Twitch shows this week below!

Schedule for the week of November 30

3:00 pm EST, Thursday, December 3

1000 Insane Worlds

Host: Judge Brendan and Friends

“We sail through endless skies, stars shine like eyes, the black night sighs.”

This week, 1000 Insane Worlds will take you to a shattered planet where a group of vat-grown heroes will have to defend the last vestiges of the memories of a dying world.

Tune in Thursday at 3:00 pm EST to experience the next phase of Judge Brendan LaSalle’s Black Sabbath quintrilogy…Planet Caravan! 

9:00 pm EST, Thursday, December 3

Xcrawl Live!

Host and Guests: Hero Approved

Xcrawl Live returns with a new team, new DJ, and a new Xcrawl!

A team of first-timers is looking to make their name in Dungeonbattle Brooklyn, and one of them’s going to win a coveted Friki-Choo Cola endorsement deal. Will they survive their first Xcrawl and which one will YOU pick to become the face of Friki-Choo’s new product?

Cheer, jeer, and grab a beer. The Big Game is on this Thursday at 9:00 pm EST.

8:00 pm EST, Friday, December 4

Appendix N Cinema

Hosts: Thorin ‘SonOvThrain’ Thompson and Clay Liford

Appendix N Cinema is back this week and they’re heading to Frog Town!

That’s right, it’s time to draw a little Mutant Crawl Classics inspiration with “Hell Comes to Frog Town!” So come join Thorin and Clay in the Cavern of Cinema this Friday at 8:00 pm EST.

5:00 pm EST, Sunday, December 6

Blades Against Bandwidth

Host and Guests: Jeff Goad, Carmin Vance, Haley Skatch, Rev. Dak Ultimak, Tim Deschane, and Brendan LaSalle

Tune in for a Very Special Episode of Blades Against Bandwidth that sees our heroes deciding to retire.

Tune in to watch some of the greatest adventurers who ever lived hang up the swords and the spellbooks and move on to Plan B…or do they? This one is going to get grim as our heroes venture into a realm of pure horror.

Can the Blades escape The Web of All-Torment? Log in this Sunday, December 6 at 5:00 pm EST and see, True Believers!

Be sure to check out all of those great events! And don’t forget to visit all of our recent streams on the Official Goodman Games Twitch Channel!

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