New in the Online Store: Spanish Translations and Face Masks

It is officially gift buying season! Which makes the timing on these releases perfect for any of your friends who happen to speak Spanish. Or breathe.

Hey, it’s the Year That Shall Not Be Named. Gifts to help people stay safe while breathing are a real thing.

And to that end, we’ve got two new Spanish translations of adventure modules, put out by our publishing partner, Other Selves. They do a great job with the Spanish editions of our product, and we’re sure you agree. Plus, we’ve got a small supply of DCC Face Masks now available in our online store!

And all of this material qualifies for our Black Friday Sale, going on right now!

Let’s look at this week’s product!

Fifth Edition Fantasy #3: The Pillars of Pelagia – Spanish Edition

A Level 3 Adventure for 5E

This is the Spanish language edition of our classic adventure from our publishing partner Other Selves.

Along the windswept sea coast are several natural stone columns, sacred to the Sea Goddess Pelagia. One of these pillars is the tower of a reclusive wizard, a devout follower of Pelagia. But the wizard has gone missing, and the locals suspect foul play. Surely a powerful wizard must have many enemies!

A band of fledgling heroes is tasked with entering one of the Pillars of Pelagia to contend with all manner of magical defenses, while uncovering cryptic clues to the wizard’s disappearance planted by an unknown benefactor. The insidious evil plot they uncover could spell eventual doom for the surface world. But the Pillars are sacred to Pelagia, and the Sea Goddess herself might just play a minor role, aiding the heroes as they attempt to thwart a nefarious plot.

DCC #81: The One Who Watches From Below – Spanish Edition

A Level 1 Adventure for DCC RPG

This is the Spanish language edition of our classic adventure from our publishing partner Other Selves.

The rumors are true! The secret cave of the mystics holds a hoard of treasure vast enough to buy the kingdom seven times over. Gold coins piled as high as snow banks! Gleaming swords and jewel-encrusted wands crackling with arcane energy! Precious gems as large as your fist! The only thing standing between your present circumstances and a life of fabulous wealth is a pesky, slumbering elder god with a penchant for consuming entire worlds, an endless army of vat-grown hybrid monstrosities, a veritable tidal wave of disembodied eyes with awesome powers, giant acid worms, and a curse with the power to rip the still-living eyes from your skull. Do you have the mettle to stare down a god or will your eyes forever adorn the vault of The One Who Watches From Below?


DCC #67: Sailors on the Starless Sea – Portuguese Edition
DCC #67: Sailors on the Starless Sea – Spanish Edition

Cool Non-Medical Face Masks!

We have a limited supply of DCC Face Masks now available! Grab them while you can. Or give them to a loved one as a gift. It’s the gift that might save lives.

Hugh’s +1 Mustache Face Mask

Space Van Face Mask

DCC Flames Face Mask

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