Two New Third-Party DCC Releases!

We’re in the heart of football season here in the U.S., and it appears as though both new releases this week have scored a touchdown! You can score them, too, in our online store!

And both of these modules work equally well for both DCC RPG and MCC RPG! So it’s almost like you get an extra point for each book!

Let’s take a look!

Crypt of the Science-Wizard Hardcover – Print + PDF

Crypt of the Science-Wizard is a 1st-level adventure designed for use with the DCC and MCC RPGs.

In a time-lost desert near an uncanny oasis, you finally find it — the lost crypt of Kersete. Was he an undead wizard or a robe-clad artificial intelligence? The rumors were not specific, and you weren’t paying attention that closely anyway. All you heard was that there were fabulous treasures to be had if one could only navigate the tricks and traps of his tomb. Sure, no one who ever sought his tomb has returned to tell the tale, but they didn’t have your level of grit, guile, and greed.

Crypt of the Science-Wizard is an adventure designed for use with DCC RPG and MCC RPG.

Mangrels Ate My Servants!! – Phantasmagoria #3 – Print + PDF

Infiltrate a wizard’s factory-tower and retrieve the information that you have been hired to steal in this sci-fi funnel adventure.

Introduce Dungeon Crawl Classics characters to the cosmos with this incredible funnel! Hired to infiltrate the factory of industrialist Seraphina von Elrich, the party will come into contact with A BRAIN-ROTTING PLANT FROM BEYOND THE STARS, MAN-EATING MANGRELS, and ALL MANNERS OF VILE ANDROID in this science fiction adventure.

Head on over to our online store to check out these and all the latest releases!

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