DCC Demo Night Is Every Tuesday!

If you don’t know the legend that is Judge Brendan, then you have missed out on one of the greatest judges of all time as he weaves his way through the world, teaching Dungeon Crawl Classics and leaving entertained folks in his wake.

This week, Judge Brendan will once again wander into the lives of new players to the world of DCC RPG, and his game is full up. But he’ll be back the week after! So be sure to sign up for an upcoming Tuesday Night Demo Night!

Here’s the details!

Are you new to the world of Dungeon Crawl Classics? Do you want to give the game a try, but you aren’t sure about the rules or where to go with things?

Judge Brendan to the rescue!

Welcome to Tuesday Night Online Demo Club! Happening every Tuesday throughout the month, Judge Brendan will be running an online DCC RPG game for newcomers and recent fans.

He’ll be teaching the basics through example to both fledgling players and Judges alike. Running a game with all the nuances that help to make DCC RPG a favorite with fans all over the world.

How do you get involved? All you have to do is RSVP through our Events Page.

Simply go to The Events Page, and you’ll see Brendan’s smiling face at the top of every Tuesday listing for games. Click on that and then reserve your spot. To reserve, you need to click on the number slot (see image below), adjust it to one, and then fill in the information that pops up.

NOTE: There are only FIVE slots for each Tuesday night. If you CANNOT make it, don’t sign up. We anticipate these events to fill up fast, and we don’t want to deny people wanting to learn.

So, we hope to see you on Tuesday night! It’s a great way to learn our favorite role-playing game!

Author: pandabrett

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