XCC Beta Rules Updated

The feedback has been coming in, and we’ve been listening! We’ve updated the Xcrawl Classic Beta Rules based on reader feedback. The biggest change is a correction to the armor tableā€”it was in error, but is now correct. You can find the corrected table on page 16 of the new PDF.

Please continue to read, review, and provide your feedback on the XCC Beta Rules! We want to make Xcrawl Classics as close to perfect as possible, and your help is important for reaching that goal.

The Xcrawl Classics Beta Rules are now available to download! And they are FREE!

Xcrawl Classics is a game set in a fantasy version of the modern world where world-class athletes compete in The Games, an artificially created dungeon death sport that is meant to entertain. You can become famous and make more money than you ever imagined…if you survive.

If you’d like to get in on the fun right away, we’ve already got a selection of Xcrawl adventures that were created for the DCC RPG rules set! Check them out in our online store!

The Games are coming to an arena near you! Download your copy of the Xcrawl Classics Beta Rules today and get yourself in on the fun!

Author: pandabrett

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