Announcing the Winners of Our Bride of Cyclops Con Tournaments!

Bride of Cyclops Con had many amazing events, but two of the most anticipated were the DCC RPG Team Tournament: Return to the Starless Sea and The Slave Pits of Agharta Battle Royale.

And they did not disappoint.

Many characters were lost in the aether of the internet as they fought to become champions, but all of them were lost in the efforts of fun. A huge thanks goes out to all the players, Judges, and everyone else involved in making the tournaments of Bride of Cyclops Con a success! Now, without further ado…

Here are the DCC RPG Team Tournament: Return to the Starless Sea winners:

1st Place

Peon Knights ( Andy Chandler, Steven Danielson, Steve Dodge, Landon Kanillopoolos, Travis Michael Rapp): 89 pts

2nd Place

The Dump Stats (J. M., Jeff Bair, Stephanie Bair, Dan Cook, Larry Green): 65 pts

3rd Place

Impending Doom (Frank Alonso, John Dow, Sam Kiner, Gary McBride, Jason Stierle): 30 pts

Here is The Slave Pits of Agharta Battle Royale winner:

Winner and Champion

Having survived from the VERY start, in the green tabard, Immortal Joe Colistro! 

Brutally Close

Gavin Markey, Master of the Wine-Dark Seas, Herald of Fumbles, and Bearer of the Black Tabard.

Congratulations to our winners! You fought the hard fight and came out triumphant!

We’d again like to extend a big thank you to all the participants in the Bride of Cyclops Con tournaments! We hope that everyone had as much fun playing as we did running everything.

We’ll see you at the next tournament! You never know when it might spawn…

Author: pandabrett

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