Sunday’s Lineup for Bride of Cyclops Con


You can’t keep a good thing caged up, and Bride of Cyclops Con is no exception! The con is a monster, and it’s running rampant this Sunday…in a fun way, of course.

Everything concludes tonight with the Closing Ceremonies! Be on Twitch to watch Joseph Goodman and guests—a certain Cyclops is sure to appear—as he goes over everything that was the convention, announces the winners of the DCC RPG Team Tournament: Return to the Starless Sea, and gives out the coveted Goodie Awards! The whole thing happens tonight at 10:00 pm EST on Twitch!

And that’s not the only thing on the streaming channel! Let’s look at what’s happening over on Twitch today!

Twitch Schedule for Sunday, October 18

1:00 pm EST – Behind the Scenes with Publishers of Sword & Sorcery Fiction

Where can you find heroic fiction in the modern age? Well, at least five of those places are represented by the members of this panel, who’ll be talking about trends in the industry, how to get your story ready for the editors, and related topics.

4:00 pm EST – What’s New With Goodman Games

Join Joseph Goodman and special guests to learn all about upcoming new releases. This will include a couple of new product announcements, as always!

6:00 pm EST – Ask me Anything – Harley Stroh & Brendan LaSalle

Ask the sages, Brendan LaSalle & Harley Stroh ANYTHING! ANYTHING AT ALL!

8:00 pm EST – Talking TSR

In this episode, hosts Chris and Rick discuss the playtest process! Playtesting adventures is a vital step in RPG publishing, and we discuss our process and experiences based on current and past Goodman Games’ adventure and tournament projects.

10:00 pm EST – Bride of Cyclops Con Closing Ceremonies

At the closing ceremonies, we will announce three of the most anticipated lists of the con. First, we’ll announce the winners of the tournament! Second, we’ll announce this year’s Goodie awards! And finally, we’ll raffle off autographed adventures!

Hallway Hangouts Social Chats

Want a place to hang out between games? Well, at a physical convention you’d do that in the hallway, so…we’ve created virtual hallways! Actually, we’re modeling them after basements, and have even posted some cool 70’s style basement backdrops for you to use. In any case, here’s the hangout times. And remember, these tickets are FREE! So come hang out and be social!

Games With Open Seats

Looking for a last-minute game to play? You’re in luck! Here are some events that you can still squeeze into and play today!

12:00 noon EST – Event 196 –  DCC Battle Royale: The Slave Pits of Lost Agharta  (Free Event!!!) 

Wrenched from a dozen different realities, you and your newfound companions battle for survival against fellow slaves for the amusement of elephantine overlords! Pit your brawn, cruelty, and cunning against fellow slaves, alien beasts, and wicked traps, in a desperate bid for survival as the rising wine-dark seas drive you ever onward!

12:00 noon EST – Event 102 – Perils of the Sunken City (1st level DCC Kids Game)

Join me for a dungeon crawl adventure! Activate the sending stone, brave the swamp and the traps, and whatever else lurks in the ruined colosseum to bring back a magic item for the rulers of Freeport. Pre-gen characters will be entered into roll20 so that dice rolling with modifiers is a simple click of a button. We will focus on role-playing and storytelling and having a great adventure! Younger players might need some adult support for a remote game, but please allow the kids to be the players.

1:00 pm EST – Event 71 – Shadow of the Beakmen –  (DCC) –  LEGACY EVENT

Enjoy this DCC DAY adventure online written by Harley Stroh. Protect a small hamlet from the invading creatures known as BEAKMEN and their foul CROC overlords. This event for level 1 adventures allows you to bring your surviving LEGACY characters to continue on their heroic path. Using DISCORD and possible ROLL d20 for dice. A JUDGE KINGMOB EVENT.

3:00 pm EST – Event 237 – Nations & Cannons  (5e)

A Revolutionary 5e Hack set during the American War of Independence. Featuring unique period classes like the Firebrand and Trailblazer, customized firearms rules, and deeply researched historical character profiles! Grab your dice and take the fight to the Redcoats!

6:00 pm EST – Event 58 – Welcome to Eastwood  (Studio 9 Games)

An odd town suddenly appears near your village. You are among the brave (and foolish) sent to treat with the new arrivals. How did they build this town so fast? And why does it shimmer so? This sandbox-style MCC (or DCC) adventure is being run as a mini-tournament. Each team has 1 session to get as far as possible and solve the mystery—the top-scoring team wins a prize!

Seminars With Open Seats

1:00 pm EST – Event 212 – Getting Started with DCC Third Party Publishing

In this seminar, we discuss the different pathways people have taken to become third-party publishers for DCC. Panelists include Christopher Rick, Nick Baran, Jon Wilson, Rev. Dak Ultimak, and possibly others. Want to get involved in 3PP but not sure how? This seminar is for you!

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