Friday’s Lineup for Bride of Cyclops Con


The table is set, the electrodes are in place, and we’re shocking this thing to life! Bride of Cyclops Con begins today!

We kick things off with the Bride of Cyclops Con Opening Ceremonies at 11:00 am EST. You can join Joseph Goodman and, of course, The Cyclops as they welcome everyone to the con and start things off with a bang. They’ll be outlining the con and hitting some of the upcoming highlights, as well as answering some questions from you, the fans.

You’ll be able to watch the Opening Ceremonies live on The Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel. And speaking of Twitch, let’s go over the full Twitch schedule for the day.

Twitch Schedule for Friday, October 16

11:00 am EST – Bride of Cyclops Con Opening Ceremonies

Join the Goodman Gang and the Cyclops himself as we open up Bride of Cyclops Con and reveal what’s in store!

3:00 pm EST – Mikey Mason’s Critical Hits

Full-time entertainer and former full-time standup comedian Mikey Mason (She Don’t Like Firefly, Best Game Ever, Opposite of Cool) plays his RPG and fantasy-inspired songs for fellow geeks! Learn more at!

5:00 pm EST – Stump the Game Lizards

Goodman Games has assembled an esteemed panel of RPG Game Experts. Do you think you know more than they do? If so, come test your rules knowledge, trivia or fun facts about your favorite RPG games and settings!

6:00 pm EST – The Best Sword & Sorcery Stories of the 20th Century

Six sword-and-sorcery fans and scholars compare notes about the important works in the genre, starting with foundational fiction and moving on to more recent times. This panel will talk details, not just an author’s name, but why a particular story or novel is worthy of note.

10:00 pm EST – Injecting Horror Into Your Adventures

In this seminar, some of your favorite writers and artists of horror-themed DCC and MCC adventures talk about injecting horror into adventures.

Hallway Hangouts Social Chats

Want a place to hang out between games? Well, at a physical convention you’d do that in the hallway, so…we’ve created virtual hallways! Actually, we’re modeling them after basements, and have even posted some cool 70’s style basement backdrops for you to use. In any case, here’s the hangout times. And remember, these tickets are FREE! So come hang out and be social!

Games With Open Seats

Looking for a last-minute game to play? You’re in luck! Here are some events that you can still squeeze into and play today!

12:00 noon EST – Event 1 – The Black Feather Blade (DCC RPG)

Over a century ago, Bran Corvidu ravaged the Northern Kingdoms. Known as the Feast-Lord of Crows for the bodies left in his wake, and the Carrion-Eater for his unsavory devotion to the Crow God Malotoch, Corvidu bore the Black Feather Blade, a magical sword buried with him upon his death. Many have sought Corvidu’s tomb, but none have found it, for it was long hidden by the Scions of Law.

3:00 pm EST – Event 59 – Welcome to Eastwood (MCC RPG)

An odd town suddenly appears near your village. You are among the brave (and foolish) sent to treat with the new arrivals. How did they build this town so fast? And why does it shimmer so? This sandbox style MCC (or DCC) adventure is being run as a mini tournament.

3:00 pm EST – Event 189 – Xcrawl: Louisiana Rising charity event (XCC RPG)

In August 2016 a huge rainstorm brought massive flooding to the Duchy. Xcrawl athletes and fans wanted to help so Duke Edward Bell of Baton Rouge authorized a charity Xcrawl event to help fund relief efforts.

6:00 pm EST – Event 218 – The Tower Out of Time (DCC RPG)

A bearded star has recently been sighted in the night sky. Seen by the locals as an ill omen, the sudden appearance of a lake and odd squatting tower in the woods nearby has the locals in an uproar. Woodcutters who fled the location say that the burning pillar of light that can be seen from miles away emanates from this strange fleshy structure. The terrified townsfolk have convinced you to investigate and get to the bottom of the tower’s abrupt appearance.

6:00 pm EST – Event 100 – Trouble at Big Ed’s Oasis (DCC RPG)

Strange amphibian creatures have been appearing nightly at Big Ed’s Oasis, a small farming outpost about a day’s travel away from what anyone would call “civilization.” It was a funny oddity at first, but something has the residents worried: the creatures are getting bigger. Can the party discover the source of these slimy intruders while protecting the town from the growing (literally) threat of nightly attacks?

Seminars With Open Seats

There are some great seminars you can attend today. Jump in on these and get involved with the meetings! NOTE: some of these seminars will also be streamed live on Twitch, as listed above.

5:00 pm EST – Event 183 – Stump the Game Lizards

Goodman Games has assembled an esteemed panel of RPG game experts. Do you think you know more than they do? If so, come test your rules knowledge, trivia, or fun facts about your favorite RPG games and settings—DCC RPG, DCC Lankhmar, DCC Dying Earth, and 5E. Stump the Game Lizards and earn additional entries to our end-of-the-con raffle!

8:00 pm EST – Event 182 – Goodman Games 5E Design Open Call

Is 5E of the World’s Most Popular RPG your go-to game system? Have you been published in the RPG industry? Are you interested in channeling those talents into professional writing? Then join Goodman Games 5E developer Chris Doyle, plus a few special guests, and get more information on our official open call for 5E designers. Get the inside scoop on potential projects, an in-depth review of the open call process, plus hints and tips on how to wow us with your submissions.

10:00 pm EST – Event 114 – Injecting Horror into your Adventures

In this seminar, some of your favorite writers and artists of horror-themed DCC and MCC adventures talk about injecting horror into adventures.

The panel is expected to include writers Stephen Newton, Bob Brinkman, and Thorin Thompson, as well as artists Carmin Vance and Bradley McDevitt. Moderated by the fabulous Laura Pirkola Williams and Susan Murph.

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