One Week Left To Pledge For DCC Dice Kickstarter!

We’ve got five new dice sets coming your way thanks to the new DCC Dice Kickstarter from Goodman Games and Impact Miniatures!

That’s right, there are FIVE DCC Dice Sets that you can pick up as part of this new Kickstarter, but you only have just over a week left to act!

Everybody loves dice, and we feel that some of the best dice you can get your hands on are the ones Impact Miniatures produces for Dungeon Crawl Classics. And now you can get in on brand new sets of dice at the latest Kickstarter for DCC RPG Dice.

The last time new DCC color sets were released was July 2018 and we think the incredible players of this great game deserve new colors after an over 2 year wait! So Impact and Goodman Games have teamed up to work together to fix this.

There are five new sets of DCC Dice that you can pledge to purchase. Let’s look at them now!

Hey, you mentioned monsters! What about those?

Okay, we can help there, too. Each of the five new inserts (featuring artwork by Doug Kovacs) features a monster that is detailed on the back of the sleeve. Here are the monsters written up for these dice: Maned Wyrm, Hellcat, Skeleton-Saint, and Three-Legged Gowl.

So head on over to the new Kickstarter and show some love! These are dice. You know you want new dice for Christmas…

Author: pandabrett

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