Announcing Bride of Cyclops Con Patches!

Our old friend patches has returned! No, we’re not talking about that pirate who hangs around at the booth sometimes—that’s either Dieter or Bob—we’re talking about some sew-on patches you can get by being a part of Bride of Cyclops Con!

Front and back of patch shown here with scale for size

Any judge who runs at least one game at Bride of Cyclops Con is eligible to receive the BoCC logo patch AFTER the con. These patches will become available in the Road Crew section of our online store, with all the details on orders them. So, Judges, we thank you for your support! And look for details on how to order the patch after the con

In addition, players participating in our Return to the Starless Sea tournament will get a special patch! And yes, all the Judges who participate can get one, too. As with the other patch, details on how to order will be available after the con.

Let’s welcome patches to the con! And we’re sure that Dieter and Bob will likely show up, too…

We’ll see you at Bride of Cyclops Con!

Author: pandabrett

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