Player Packs Posted for Return to the Starless Sea DCC Tournament!

The earth shudders as a vortex of purple clouds swirls above the screaming keep. Short-lived towers of stone burst toward the sky and then melt back down while spectral faces howl in the lightning. You and a hundred peasant allies prepare to storm the nightmarish castle. Centuries ago, your gongfarmer ancestors stormed this castle, and now you Return to the Starless Sea!

Next weekend Bride of Cyclops Con will be going strong—and only the strongest will survive this year’s DCC RPG Team Tournament, Return to the Starless Sea! And NOW IS THE TIME TO DOWNLOAD YOUR PLAYER PACK! Be prepared for the game by knowing everything that the player needs to know about the adventure, and the only way to do that is to download your player pack!

Return to the Starless Sea is a competitive, scored two-round tournament. Teams of 5 players throw their level 0 parties against the horrors of the keep, and the highest-scoring teams advance to round two. The winning teams claims a plaque of immortality on the Gong of Doom, wizard van belt buckle trophies, and bragging rights for the rest of their natural and unnatural born lives! Every player receives a patch commemorating them as members of the gongfarmer battalion.

Download your player pack right now! Be ready to face the beastmen and the Judge behind them at Bride of Cyclops Con as you play in this year’s DCC RPG Team Tournament, Return to the Starless Sea!

Author: pandabrett

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