The Bride of Cyclops Con Raffle!

ONE WEEK TO GO! At this time next week we’ll be in the midst of Bride of Cyclops Con!

You might think that we’ve announced everything about the show, but…you’d be wrong. Somebody is going to get some autographed adventures at Bride of Cyclops Con! And that someone could be YOU! 

We’ll be holding a raffle and all badge holders will be eligible. The prizes include printed modules autographed by some of your favorite Goodman Games authors and artists!

Raffle? I love winning stuff! How do I get my goods?

All you have to do is show up!

At the closing ceremonies for the con (broadcast live on Twitch on Sunday night at 7:00 pm Pacific / 10:00 pm Eastern) we will be rolling dice to match back to badge numbers. Log in to see the raffle and see if you won! You must be present to win!

Badge number? What badge number? This is a virtual con!

Yes, you don’t have a physical badge, but you DO have a badge number. Here’s how you find it:

To find your badge number for BoCC, visit your TableTop Events account page and click on your badge for Bride of Cyclops Con (it’s under Conventions I’m Attending). That will take you to the page that shows your badge number!

Look! It’s your badge number!

So make sure you are the closing ceremonies for Bride of Cyclops Con! You never know what we might tell you about, or what you might win!

We’ll see you NEXT WEEKEND at Bride of Cyclops Con!

Author: pandabrett

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