New Dice and DCC Horror Adventures!

We’ve got product! Horror product and dice product, making it a perfect week for the Halloween crowd out there—which is pretty much everyone, right?

To start off with, we’ve got a brand new set of dice in our online store! The Venusian Fae dice are a brand new set of dice that is separate from the DCC Dice Kickstarter that we just announced. These dice are exclusive to our online store!

We’ve also got a brand-new horror-themed adventure ready to go, joining the rest of our DCC Horror lineup! Plus, two of the older, hard-to-get modules are back in a new printing under the DCC Horror banner.

Let’s take a look!

Dungeon Crawl Classics: Venusian Fae Dice

New cosmic nebula dice featuring a new monster!

From the depths of the cosmos comes a new set of dice that herald the arrival of a tiny visitor. The dice are cosmic nebula in color, and are named for the monster that is detailed inside.

This set includes an insert with new Doug Kovacs art and a new monster by Harley Stroh, inspired by the dice themselves.

Contained within this tube you will find these dice, ready for rolling on your table:

D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D10, D%10, D12, D14, D16, D20, D24, and D30.

These dice are a limited edition exclusive to our online store, and once they are gone, they are GONE! So don’t delay getting your set today!

DCC Horror #6: The Web of All-Torment

A level 3 DCC Horror adventure.

A group of adventurers finds the perfect place to retire: a sweet little inn in a quiet town. But is it what it seems? Lurking beneath the surface of this idyllic spot is a secret so evil as to defy mortal comprehension. This is the Web of All-Torment, the source of all the world’s nightmares, and escaping may be the greatest challenge the adventurers have ever faced.

This shadow realm is the domain of horrors whose seemings can never be trusted, and even the imprisoned have become instruments of torture.

DCC Horror #4: The Corpse That Love Built 

A level 2 horror adventure for DCC RPG.

The town of Portnelle is living in a state of fear. Several citizens have been abducted – some never to been seen again, while others are found as corpses, often with missing limbs. When a senile town priest warns that he’s received a vision that the geriatric recluse Dr. Lotrin Von Geisterblut is behind the abductions, there are many who do not believe the accusations. However, when the town is set upon by wicked fiends foretold in his vision, attitudes quickly change, and swords are raised. Perhaps it’s time to storm the castle after all.

This level 2 adventure is a story of Gothic horror which pits the characters against monstrosities created by an ancient madman. Will the characters be able to survive the macabre horrors found in the laboratories that spawned The Corpse that Love Built?

DCC Horror #1: They Served Brandolyn Red

A level 0 horror adventure for DCC RPG.

The village of Portnelle is once again bright and festive. After years of feuding, the town’s most prominent and influential families will finally be making peace as the youngest generations are joined in marriage. However, when an evil born of dark secrets refuses to stay buried, blood will flow like wine at the reception.

This wedding is one your fellow villagers will talk about for generations!

This module is now presented in our standard 8.5″ x 11″ format.

And don’t forget to check out the rest of the Dungeon Crawl Classics line of horror-themed adventures!

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