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Judge Brendan is back with another venture into 1000 Insane Worlds today at 3:00 pm EST! Let him guide you through another adventure into the world of Dungeon Crawl Classics as he is joined by three new players looking to experience the fun!

This week on 1kW…

You only have to worry about the Presitron AI if you are a mutant, traitor, or a member of an illegal faction. And EVERYBODY is a mutant, traitor, and member of an illegal faction! This week on GT1KW DCC gets just a little . . . what’s the word? Neurotic? Fearful? We’ll figure it out. Tune in to 1000 Insane Worlds and see what happens during the Presitron’s Purge!

And you can join in next week by signing up below to become an active part of the adventure!

This game is here to help you through your day! Join us today for the next session of 1000 Insane Worlds with Judge Brendan LaSalle, at 3:00 pm EST.

1000 Insane Worlds is for you—a means to help you relax and have some fun. Sign up weekly for a chance to be one of four randomly-chosen players to jump in with Judge Brendan for a session of online gaming mayhem.

And even if you aren’t one of the chosen four, you can watch the fun at the Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel! The fun continues today, Thursday, October 1 at 3:00 pm EST.

And be sure to check out the archive of earlier episodes on our YouTube channel!

“Let fun at the table be the highest law!” ~Judge Brendan 

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