101 City Encounters, Akashic Titan, and Three Other New Titles Now Available!

We’re dealing you a hand of great new releases this week! Five new third-party books hit our online store, bringing you nothing but aces for the week.

Whether you want to travel to a distant world of mechanical giants or stay at home and battle to bring in the groceries—or anything in between—it’s now available in our online store!

Let’s take a look!

101 City Encounters – Print + PDF

A 20-page booklet full of random city encounters.

Bring your city adventures to life! This booklet holds over 100 encounters developed to add sights, smells, and sounds to bring adventure and dimension to city visits. With this judge’s aide, you are equipped to quickly create rich texture when player characters explore strange and new areas of your city you have yet to craft—making your cities vibrant and exciting without much preparation.

It also features a system for player characters to gain or lose various forms of city reputation and faction. Let the adventurers feel the consequences and rewards for their choices in the social web of your city.

A Strange Night at the Pint n’ Pony: A “Short” Adventure – Print + PDF

A 16-page stand-alone RPG adventure built for DCC RPG—but usable in any system. This is an introductory-level adventure.

The little folk meet each night at a pub secluded from the troubles of big people. Here, after a long day of work, hobbits, dwarves, gnomes, and the occasional wild elf and short humans share simple tales and sip tasty ales. Tonight is nothing new—or is it? Sinister forces have been awakened and emerge during happy hour (hic) at the Pint n’ Pony. Now, in defense of their precious last keg, new adventurers will be born out of the horror of a very strange night! A tale (hic) only DCC RPG can weave.

This adventure debuted at Cyclops Con 2020.

Akashic Titan – Print + PDF

Soar across the endless void in a magical metal behemoth. See the shimmering Bands and visit the Elaborate Crystal Palace!

The akashic titans are magically-powered metal behemoths that soar across the endless Bands in their journey from world to world. This 80-page zine, written and illustrated by Leighton Connor, gives you the tools you need to incorporate the akashic titans into your Dungeon Crawl Classics games. In addition to giving an overview of the titans and the Bands, Akashic Titan provides two settings: Starnheim, a port city for the titans that can be dropped into any fantasy world, and the Elaborate Crystal Palace of the Jale Band.

Also included are new monsters (such as the Stellar Squid, the Stowaway, and the Living Constellation), spells, NPCs, the Akashic Pilot character class, and random tables.

Dwellings & Driveways: Keep on the Cul-de-Sac! – Print + PDF

Dwellings & Driveways: Keep on the Cul-de-Sac! is a humorous old-school RPG parody module perfect for stay-at-home adventures!

Dwellings & Driveways: Keep on the Cul-de-Sac! from Gaming Honors is a 28-page parody RPG module featuring a color cover and several black-and-white illustrations evoking some of the great images of gaming and fantasy. This hilarious old-school, system-neutral adventure provides a funny new perspective on your daily homebound encounters. Explore the keep with your family and friends, or use the dwelling as a model to design your own shelter-in-place quests!

So tie up those sweatpants, grab a potion of Cure Light Caffeine Headache, and dare to Keep on the Cul-de-Sac!

Night Soil #1 – Print + PDF

This issue has all-new grab-and-use elements to enrich your game, inspired by the DCC art!

Night Soil is warm and malleable… it contains numerous grab-and-use elements for your campaigns and one-shot games — new spells, new monsters, new magic items, new dangers, and new discoveries. Everything in each issue is inspired by the ART in the DCC rulebook, with a handy page reference so you can see what inspired each and everything in the zine.

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