Goodman Games Donates $1,700 to SF-Marin Food Bank

Earlier this year we announced The SF-Marin Food Bank as the charity for DCC Days Online. Following up on our previous donations, we’re pleased to announce continued support for The SF-Marin Food Bank.

Based on our recent partnership with the Bundle of Holding and the outstanding fan support for our Fifth Edition Fantasy offer, we were able to raise another $1,700 for the SF-Marin Food Bank.

This charity is local to us, but it serves a need that is, unfortunately, becoming all too common in these challenging times. And we’ll be donating once more to The SF-Marin Food Bank as the chosen charity for Bride of Cyclops Con.

Please support your local food banks and ensure that all people can find enough food to eat! You can find a local food bank using the Feeding American search engine. Please consider giving in this time of need.

Author: pandabrett

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