Last Call for Crypt of the Science Wizard DCC Compatible Kickstarter!

It’s your last chance to get in on this adventure for either DCC RPG or MCC RPG!

Here’s a description of the adventure from the Kickstarter:

This site-based module is designed to bring you back to the age of pulp adventure, where you can discover the secrets of the hidden tomb of an ancient wizard! Travel great distances to a remote location to unlock the mysteries sealed within an ancient tomb. What harrowing challenges are contained within? Only the bravest and quickest of wit shall survive!  

The Crypt of the Science-Wizard is a difficult adventure requiring the players to think about their environment — and requiring the characters to be skilled and lucky. While this adventure is designed for 1st level characters, some of the encounters contained within are beyond typical entry-level characters. Strategy, insight, and puzzle-solving skills serve characters (and players!) better than combat prowess. Some good dice rolls certainly help as well…   

And let’s touch back on something: this adventure is meant to be used with EITHER Dungeon Crawl Classics, OR Mutant Crawl Classics! The unique setting is perfect to be used with either game system, and rules are included for fitting it into either game system smoothly and easily.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the Crypt of the Science-Wizard DCC/MCC Kickstarter and become a part of this great new campaign! You’ve only got hours left to act!

Author: pandabrett

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