Inspiration For The DCC Sticker Contest!

We have a sticky situation, and we want your help. As you may know, we are running a sticker design contest, and you’ve got about two weeks to get your entry to us.

And we’ve gotten some fantastic entries. We are loving everything that is being sent in, and cannot wait to see what is still to come.

Still, we thought you might want some inspiration for your own design. So, we asked some of our Goodman Games artists to create THEIR version of a DCC RPG sticker.

These stickers aren’t eligible for the contest—the contest is only for fans. But we thought you might enjoy seeing these for inspiration, so take a look below at what our artists came up with for sticker designs!

We hope these images have left you with a creative drive to show off your own talents. Fans of DCC RPG are some of the most innovative and creative folks in the gaming world, and we cannot wait to see what comes of it. The rules are below.

Deadline for entry in The DCC RPG Sticker Design Contest is September 30.

Here are the rules:

  • You design the sticker. It can be in full color or black-and-white. You can hand-draw it, or use graphic design tools. The total size must be 3”x3” or less. The shape can be square, rectangular, circular, oval, or any other shape, as long as no side measures greater than 3”. Kiss-cut stickers (which means custom shapes and even jagged edges) are acceptable.
  • The sticker must include one of the following phrases: DCCMCCDCC RPGMCC RPGDungeon Crawl Classics, or Mutant Crawl Classics.
  • You can use special effects (i.e. foil printing, holographic printing, etc.). If you choose to do so, please include with your submission the URL of a sticker vendor who can create the exact effect you’d like. Keep in mind that voting will take place based on your illustrated design, not the finished sticker, so voting fans may not be able to fully grasp your vision for the finished sticker if you use special effects.
  • Multiple submissions are acceptable (and even encouraged!).
  • Email a JPEG of your design to If you’re using a special effect, you can also submit a modified JPEG digitally mocking up the effect.
  • Deadline for submissions is September 30.
  • Goodman Games will select 3 finalists (or maybe more if the designs are really cool). The finalists will be announced in the days leading up to Bride of Cyclops Con.
  • Once the finalists are selected, the general public will be able to select the winner via online voting. This will take place over Bride of Cyclops Con.
  • The winning sticker design will get produced en masse. The creator will get a big stack, and we’ll also distribute them for free on the Goodman Games online store (probably free with any purchase).
  • The winner will also receive a $100 gift certificate to the Goodman Games online store, and maybe something else cool.

Author: pandabrett

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