The Coveted Tournament Gold Medals!

Bride of Cyclops Con will feature the online tournament, Return to the Starless Sea. This adventure was originally announced as the Team Tournament to be held at Gen Con 2020, but…well, we all know what happened there.

Still, the pageantry and glory of winning the tournament shall remain! The winners will have their names emblazoned upon The Gong of Doom and they shall take home the coveted reward of their accomplishment.

And by that, we mean medals.

We are manufacturing custom medals for Return to the Starless Sea at Bride of Cyclops Con! Just as with prior years, these medals will be awarded to the top scoring teams at the event. Gold for the winning team, silver for 2nd place, bronze for 3rd place.

But we want more! Tell us, what do they look like? Well, here is a preview image of the medals in production.

Actual medal size approximately 4″ x 3″

Event registration for Bride of Cyclops Con opens on September 20! If you want to be in the tournament, make sure to sign up as soon as you can.

Author: jmcdevitt

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