Announcing The SF-Marin Food Bank As Charity Partner For Bride of Cyclops Con

Bride of Cyclops is more than just a way to play games with friends and fans for a weekend in October. It’s also a way to make a difference.

We are pleased to announce that our charitable partner for Bride of Cyclops Con is the SF-Marin Food Bank. And now it is more important than ever to help out those in need.

“The economic ripple effects of COVID-19 have only exacerbated the hunger crisis that already existed,” said Paul Ash, Executive Director, San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. “Historic levels of unemployment are driving many to the Food Bank for the first time. By delivering groceries to seniors and opening new Pop-up Pantries in neighborhoods with the greatest need, we are working to meet the sustained levels of critical need for food for in our community.”

Goodman Games will donate $5 to the food bank for every game run at Bride of Cyclops Con. We live in difficult times, many people are hungry, and this is a way that we can help out by sharing our experience.

Please know that as you game, someone else will benefit. And don’t let it end there. In your own neighborhood, please keep an eye out for those in need, and help them as much as you can!

So join us at Bride of Cyclops Con for three days of fun that also provide something special to others.

Author: pandabrett

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