Tournament Winners’ Plaques On The Gong of Doom

The Gong of Doom is sounding once more! The echoes of it’s chime resonate among gamers everywhere once they have experienced it, and it rests inside their soul.

In the past, we have added the names of champions from various Gen Con tournaments, Origins tournaments, and more. And today we are proud to let the sonorous gong sound out once more!

Welcome the latest names onto the Gong of Doom! The champion team from Gen Con 2019 joins the champions from the Cyclops Con 2020 tournament on the pillars of the Gong and will be visible at Gen Con for years to come.

So today let us honor the names on The Gong of Doom! The winners of past years and the new champions who have joined them in history!

The Gong of Doom is alive and well! And now there are new names to celebrate on it forever! Be sure to check out the full list of winners on the Goodman Games tournament page!

Author: pandabrett

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