Star Crawl and Electric Friends New In The Online Store!

Let us look to the skies for adventure!

The hit supplement for DCC RPG/ MCC RPG is back with an all-new adventure! We’re speaking of Star Crawl and the new adventure Star Crawl: Electric Friends.

And for Star Crawl fans, this is the NEW second printing of Star Crawl! The new printing adds material not available in the first printing, as well as correcting typos and similar mistakes.

On top of that, we’ve gotten in a restock on Star Crawl: Threen Station Zero, the first adventure for the space-faring supplement!

And one more thing! We’ve also added in PDF versions of two of our Game Designer Notebooks: Scrivener of Strange Wor(l)ds by Michael Curtis and The Devil’s Chapbook by Harley Stroh.

Wow! What a great week of releases! Let’s look at the details on the newest books!

Star Crawl Second Printing – Print + PDF

Star Crawl: Fantastic adventures in space and beyond!

Ready to escape the shackles of terrestrial campaigns? Star Crawl is here to take your games across the cosmos! This full-size perfect bound book is packed to the gills with useful rules and tools for sci-fi gaming in the DCC style!

This is the new, revised printing of Star Crawl, with an extra character class (the Space Cowboy), power weapons fumble table, extra art, and 98% fewer typos!

Star Crawl’s 115 black & white pages include:

  • Seven new classes and guidance on taking DCC & MCC characters into space.
  • All new Race Template rules, including twelve character races.
  • New weapons, armor, and equipment with rules for customization.
  • Bestiary of aliens & monsters.
  • Quick tables to help create new worlds and stellar encounters.
  • Includes a full 0-level funnel: The Promethean Adventure!

Star Crawl: Electric Friends – Print + PDF

An all-new adventure module for Star Crawl!

You’ve been hired to scavenge a long-forgotten robot factory and failure is not an option!

This is the second standalone adventure module for Star Crawl, intended for a party of 3rd level characters.

Electric Friends’ 36 black & white, zine-sized pages include:

  • A complete self-contained adventure: designed for Star Crawl, but ready to drop into your DCC or MCC games.
  • Pre-generated characters & ship stats to get you right into the action.
  • Bonus Star Crawl content: the Space Cowboy class and Rodent race template!

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