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Unless you’re a new fan of Goodman Games, you probably know Michael Curtis. He’s the creative talent behind such popular Goodman Games products as The Dungeon Alphabet, DCC Lankhmar, the Shudder Mountains setting, and classic DCC RPG adventures such as DCC #79: Frozen in Time, DCC #80: Intrigue at the Court of Chaos, and DCC #97: The Queen of Elfland’s Son. Not to mention him spear-heading the whole DCC Lankhmar project. (We’ve got a whole section on the Goodman Games store dedicated to Michael’s DCC work, in fact!) Michael’s also a regular contributor to the Fifth Edition Fantasy line and the Original Adventures Reincarnated series. But did you know that Michael is writing still more RPG material? Yes, and now he’s sharing his creations with a larger audience thanks to Patreon!

Michael’s Patreon page is like his personal game design notebook where supporters get a private look inside its pages. Michael is currently detailing his DCC WarCrawl campaign, a massive, 15-player DCC RPG campaign played during the summer which saw three parties of adventures, each aligned with one of the powers of the multiverse—Law, Neutrality, and Chaos—fighting to determine the fate of the cosmos. In addition to material from that game, Michael is also sharing developmental details and notes for his Brutal Lands setting, a DCC variant featuring Iron Age barbarians fighting for fortune and glory in a savage setting. The Patreon also serves as a place for Michael to write about other non-Goodman Games RPGs (gasp!) that he enjoys but doesn’t have time to design for professionally.

If you a fan of Michael’s work, please consider becoming a supporter of his Patreon. There are three tiers to fit most budgets and any support you give to Michael helps him in turn support other Patreon creatives. Patreon backers gain access to weekly posts of game material, video recordings of the WarCrawl game sessions, a monthly chance to win a book from Michael’s personal library, access to a private Discord server and a regular AMA Zoom session, and more.

You can find out more information and pledge your ongoing support for Michael by visiting his Patreon. Click the link below and show some love!

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