Announcing Road Reaver Games at Bride of Cyclops Con!

Pay heed! The Road Reavers are coming!

You don’t need to be worried. In fact, you should be excited, because we sure are. The Road Reavers are a new classification of Judge that will debut at Bride of Cyclops Con.

The Road Reavers are experienced Road Crew judges who have proven their mettle in the Road Crew and built dedicated followings for their events at previous cons. Road Reaver events will be highlighted at BoCC—similar to Premiere events—so that fans can easily locate these favorite games and register for them specifically during the registration process.

If you’re a Road Reaver, you know it already because we contacted you to let you know. And if you’re a fan, make sure to look for these events when registration goes live on September 20th!

The Road Reavers are coming! Make sure you plan accordingly—it will be worth your time.

Bride of Cyclops Con Schedule of Important Dates:

  • August 17: Event submission is now open – You may submit events that you would like to run as a Judge in Bride of Cyclops Con! See Judge FYI below.
  • September 4: Event schedule posted
  • September 6: Badge sales start
  • September 17: BoCC Event Pre-Registration for Volunteers and Judges
  • September 20: Event registration opens
  • October 14: Last day for ticket refunds. All tickets are final after this point.
  • October 16: Bride of Cyclops Con begins at noon Eastern (16:00 UTC)!

Author: pandabrett

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